Monday, January 11, 2010

But the Recipe Doesn't Seem to Work

My grandmother, (Polish-Hungarian-Jewish) used chicken fat as shortening in many recipes. She seldom shared recipes for the simple reason that she cooked by the "a little of this, a bit of that, a pinch of some other thing" method. It was a bother for her to figure out how much of what she used.

My aunt, her daughter-in-law, scorned anything chicken-fatty. So when Aunt Millie finally talked Grandmom into giving her a recipe--one that Aunt Millie never knew contained chicken fat--Grandmom had my mother watch her make it and write down the ingredients--including chicken fat. But knowing about Aunt Millie's aversion, they substituted butter or Crisco in the written version for the chicken fat used in cooking it.

Aunt Millie tried many times to make the recipe and would complain that it never came out tasting right.
This is probably happened in the 1940s.
Dick W.

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